Welcome to the Test Matrix and Merry Christmas

I know ‘Test’ Fu – Neo

Show me – Morpheus 

Merry Christmas,

The presents have been opened and the dinner has been eaten and now I’ve got the post turkey slump; it’s all good though as my son had tons of presents to keep him busy. He’s fast asleep though as the excitement has got to him. No doubt, give it 30 minutes and he’ll be up and racing around with his nephews.

So I thought that starting a blog about testing would be the way forward, it will allow me to do the following:

  • Connect with other testing individuals in the world
  • Learn new concepts – If I blog about it, then people can say ‘Have you thought about this?’
  • If I explain my thoughts, then the knowledge should stick in my brain for longer
  • Show that I’m serious about a career in testing.
  • Show that testing can be fun and not as dry as an overcooked turkey.

So how did I get to this path,

After my attempt at university, I decided to go full time into work so I ended up at an energy firm where I was working within an admin role. The girl who was the computer expert wanted to move into the IT department, so I volunteered to step into her shoes as the testing guru. Thus started my role as a User Acceptance Tester. I basically made sure that the product was fit for our workflow.

In terms of actual testing knowledge, I can look back on it now and see that I didn’t really test, I just knew what we did and if it didn’t fit then that was the only fault. There was no exploratory testing, just basic scripts. I knew nothing about test plans, automation or the people out there in the testing world.  Agile (what I could be if I didn’t eat all the pies), Waterfall (I’ve been in a few on holiday)..You get the point.

Despite all that, I remember getting a call from a job agency asking if I wanted a full time testing job – Sweet I thought so I applied. Three interviews later and Jan 2006, I was working in a building society IT department as a tester.

Here I learnt a little bit more, but again as I look back, I know that I could have been better, my way of testing could have been sharper. It was here that it was really really document heavy where I learnt how to construct scripts, test plans (high and low level). It does make me think about how better I could have been if I knew then what I know now. However, lessons were learnt from this place.

So May 2010 – I found myself at the new place where things were different, we were not micromanaged and detailed scripts were not present here. By detailed, I mean of the kind of 10 – Press the A key, You will see A on the screen, etc. In the new place, we had guidelines and we wrote test cases but experience of the product and thinking about the different scenarios rules the place.

I’m happy here and it’s now got to the stage where I really want to launch my testing career into the sky and know that the testing universe is out there.

So what do I plan to do in 2012

  • Read more about a wide range of topics about testing whether it’s about context driven testing, agile way of working, testing basics,
  • Learn the basics of one scripting language (probably python)
  • Learn SQL
  • Present the topics at work during lunchtime to other testers to let them know the information, this will aid my understanding of the topic and allow others to see what’s out there
  • Start a work (in house)  testing newsletter that contains the latest articles, news, events.
  • Network like crazy using as many avenues as I can
  • Continue to blog (updates – at least once a week to start).
  • Attend one conference or meetup in 2012.

Another point is that I’m a mentor to a few people at work, so I want to make sure that I have the latest information to pass on to them. This will help me develop my soft skills and influence people in a good way. It would be good to have a mentor for me (a sort of Pay it forward program).

I will succeed.


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  1. “So how did I get to this path, it is in the ‘About’ tab but I’ll put it here for clarity.”

    The About tab?

    1. montanha says:

      Yeah, there was an about tab, just need to add it (I was using a different theme).

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