Learning Python the fun way.

So right now, I’m trying to learn Python to aid my testing career. I think it is good to learn it because:

  1. It enables me to understand what the developers go through when they create the feature/software/change.
  2. It’s good to keep learning
  3. I think that using Python will aid me in my QA work (I just need to figure out how to make it useful).
  4. Since I’m using Robot Framework, the underlying code is Python.
  5. It’s a good way to learn programming concepts and good practises in a way that is fun.

So I have done two things. I have signed on to edX course on Introduction to Computer Programming course. It’s a tough course (and least for me) that introduces how to think about problems through algorithms. It is tough but I think I’m learning something.

The other project that I’m doing is creating games using Pygame. My first get it out there project is a side ways shooter. The progress that I’ve got so far is a scrolling starfield and a spaceship that can be moved by the mouse. (It was working until I moved some stuff and now I need to get it working again *doh*

What I will try to do is post my updates on what I’ve done. Also hints and tips would be useful as well as improvements. I want to learn good practises so it would be good to learn how to organise the code for efficiency.

Of course, I shall allow it to be available so people can test it if they wish. I just need to get used to github.

EDIT – Set up a git hub, the link is: https://github.com/decosta


The things I need to do are:

  • Prevent the sprite from going off screen.
  • Incorporate  enemies and bosses. Some of the enemies will be using sin as their movement and others will be orbiting. Might as well figure out trig to make them fancy
  • Make the enemies semi smart
  • Make a level for the sprites to live on
  • Incorporate lives, scores and power-ups.
  • Possibly do a HUD to incorporate all of this.

By doing this, there is no way that I cannot test it and think of all the fun ways to break it.

Make the world scalable (so that when the game is in a window, it scales correctly to full screen).

Of course, this is all going to come in due time.

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